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About Tactical Training Concepts


TTC utilizes the latest operational technology and methodologies in the delivery of our training services. The TTC Team is comprised of members who are recruited from all levels of the law enforcement and the military communities. Our instructors are current and former members of elite military special operations units and law enforcement special response teams. Our clients typically include law enforcement personnel, military special operation units, the entertainment industry, corporate sector personnel, and the public transportation and shipping industries.

Whatever concerns our client's face - from training issues to routine loss-prevention to security enhancement or dealing with kidnappings and assassinations abroad or in distant lands - the men and women of Tactical Training Concepts stand ready with the wisdom of experience, the ability to manage uncertainty, and with an intricate network of invaluable relationships. Our background, varied skills, and limitless resources, gives our clients the confidence that their training provider can respond to their needs anywhere with the highest level of resolve and professionalism.

Our capabilities

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to providing the following services:

  • Law Enforcement Training (Street Survival Skills and Tactical Team)
  • Special Operations Training (Urban, Waterborne, Airborne, Mountainous, Arctic, Jungle, Desert)
  • Executive/Dignitary Protection (Armed and Unarmed)
  • K-9 Patrol, K-9 Narcotics Detection, K-9 Explosives Detection, K-9 Security
  • Maritime Security (Ports, Facilities, Vessels, Cruise Ships)
  • Maritime Vulnerability Assessments
  • Maritime Security Plan Development and Implementation
  • Comprehensive Underwater Vessel Search and Videotaping
  • Anti-Swimmer Countermeasures for Maritime Operations
  • Public Transportation and Shipping Industry (PTSI) Security - (Freight Trains, Air Cargo, Commuter Airports, Buses, Subways, Trucking Industry)
  • Public Transportation and Shipping Industry Vulnerability Assessments
  • (PTSI) Security Plan Development and Implementation
  • Security Effectiveness and Vulnerability Exercises
  • Counter-Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection
  • Agency Firearms and Tactical Training Program Evaluations and Assessment
  • Personal Protective Measures (Dignitaries, Corporate Executives, Celebrities, and their Families)
  • Bilingual Instructor Staff

"When things go sideways all you can do, is revert back to your training!” (Richard F. Moreno)